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DKG Quebec V2.0
Welcome to the future

The time to get excited has arrived.

Website features

DKG Quebec

The frontend will be secure with SSL which also offers a higher ranking on Google for SEO.  The backend will use Wordpress allowing us to modify the login with both a two-factor authentication as well as a plugins that monitor security of the site and produce an alert to your email of anything suspicious.  Finally, comments will be disabled on all pages with the exception of those you wish.  Finally, the website will be up to date at all  deleting inactive tools that hackers often prey on.

Single Page Focus

Single page websites are faster to load, easier to navigate and with a sticky menu that is always present, your clients will love the new UI.

Responsive Design

Your website will appear as it should, beautiful on all devices regardless of the size of the screen.  Your site will automatically adjust to suit the tool of your visitors.


DKG Quebec

Your site will offer you detail about who is visiting and at what time, what brought them to your site.  Use this information to better cater to your audience.

Wordpress CMS is your backend

Wordpress makes adding articles and blogs a snap.  You will be setup such that the design is waiting and ready for all the content you will add.

Paypal Integration

Simple donation button will be offered for all workshops.  Money directly to the DKG account.


By using a standard technology you are not limited to using Simple Pages going forward.  You can manage your own website your way.  Whether it is a staf member or working with a different web provider, the power is in your hands to decide.

Extensions – ideas for expansion

DKG Quebec
Online direct booking

Although not included, a professional automated booking system would simplify procedures for your visitors to enrol in any of your workshops or events.

Sales of merchandise

Promotional material, T-shirts, mugs, buttons to share in the pride of membership.  E-commerce is a very real possibility with your Simple Pages setup.

Social Media Marketing and Full Web Support

For an extra fee our team can make sure you are equipped to always load quickly, offer SEO on content additions as well as provide you a managed marketing plan on all major social media platforms.  Using marketing tools such as kingsumo, and managed email newsletters is all possible to keep your community engaged.

Education Pricing for DKG Quebec…shhh!

DKG Quebec
Single Page covering all your needs

About page, sign up sheet, gallery, updates, whatever.  Your single page will be whatever you need it to be…….$500.00 CAD

French Translation for the single page

Highly recommended, but up to you, the translation will use the same design as the basic single page………$250.00 CAD

Extra pages

An additional section for blogging, newsletters, full page for members only.  Each additional page……….$100.00 CAD

Graphics Design work (Posters, images, etc…)

The assumption for the above costs is that text and graphics will be provided.  Any work to produce either will be billed at $50.00/hr.  You can expect your graphics work complete within 7 days.