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What is a one pager?

A one pager is what you want it to be

Backgrounds can be anything

create stunning effects like video or mouse hovers

Remove the headache and save space

Surprise your clients with the unexpected.

Each section, yours to design

Whatever you need Simple Pages are the answer.

Beautiful on any device

Laptop, desktop, iphone, android, tablet or ebook reader, your website will appear differently taking advantage of each devices unique screen sizes.


Focus your viewers:

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What about a professional section devoted to testimonials?

The power of tabs

Save space with tabs


Create a much more professional appeal and effect by using space saving tabs allowing the customer to engage your site fully.  Great uses for tabs are different aspects of your your ABOUT US page, news for the month, product and service descriptions.  Tabs save space and engage your audience.

A sign up button at the ready

Develop a regular mailing list.  We will show you how and what to do with them once you have subscribers!

Still not satisfied?

We hope not!  So much more to share, such as…

Your audience embeded video

wanting more! Ecommerce

Mama Mia Pizza!

Mama Mia Pizza!

From our Italian to hearts to your table

Social Media

Instagram feed

Piped dynamically right into your page

Facebook comments

working with your website driving traffic

Twitter tweets

Tweet and retweet directly to your site

You are in control

Your onepager is yours to command.

One page does it all

There is no limit to what you can offer and with a menu that follows your client, navigation is a breeze.

It’s time to book a meeting

Having seen the power in your options, your customizability.  Its time to discuss your particular needs with our team.


Not sure where to begin?

We are a team of trained educators first, designers second.  Give us a chance to work with you and there is no doubt you will be met wherever you are now.


Experienced Developers

Great communication, expert technical know-how and a reputation that has every client feel like the only client.


Communication is 7 / 24 / 365

Whether is be email, phone, text, or a live one on one on screen meeting, we have you covered.  We are a small team which means we develop relationship with our clients.  Welcome aboard.


Starting your tomorrow today

Giving you an online presence is a whole new beginning to your business.  Its exciting, its confusing, its daunting and its powerful.  Simple pages is here, to keep things, well…. simple.

Contact Us

We look forward to meeting you.  You can reach us at any of the contact methods below.  As well, you can book an online face to face meeting with us by using the button below!  Let’s get started!

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